Who We Are

Visual storytelling is our passion.

Plain and simple, our goal is to place more eyes on our clients, while having more minds engage with their content. Bringing professional experience from two different industries, we strive to create the maximum amount of value by combining the photo and video production we offer.



Ever since I was 9 years old, I've been picking up random cassette camcorders to make home movies with my siblings. I had no editing software and no way to add music to my movies. I remember so many times I'd be carrying a battery-powered CD player on my shoulder, right by my camera, so that the mic would pick up the epic song I had playing while I filmed! 

Even though it started with humble beginnings, my love for telling stories matured. After graduating college, I decided to use those story telling abilities and jump headlong into what I loved when I was a kid - telling stories through film. Ever since then I've been incredibly blessed to work with and travel the US with an insane array of talented people and passionate organizations. Here's to the little kid and the story teller in us all.


Matthew Yarnell - photographer

I'm a photographer from Dallas, Texas specializing in landscapes and environmental portraiture. In 2012, I picked up an iPhone and downloaded Instagram. The creative community and the simplicity of the platform gave me a bridge from where I was to where I wanted to be photographically.

From there, my career as a photographer began. Since then, I constantly digest the world around me through the lens of my camera.




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